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The Himalayas are not merely a geographical feature, a range of mountains. they epitomise people's civilisational identity that goes back to the dawn of history. If these majestic mountains were not there, the rain clouds sweeping up from the Indian Ocean.
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The Grand Assam Jeep Tour

Day 1 : Arrive at Dibrugarh . Transfer from the Airport to your hotel where you'll stay overnight.

Jeep Safari, Assam ToursDay 2 : Dibrugarh - Pasighat – 155 Kms . Today we take a 5 hour ferry boat ride to cross the expansive Brahmaputra River to Pasighat. Check into your guesthouse/hotel.

Day 3 :  Pasighat -  Along  -100km.
A three hour drive from Pasighat takes us to the small town of Along which is the district head quarters of the West Seing . District. The principal inhabitants of Adi galong  tribes live around this town The Adi galong have different sub tribes which differ in their lifestyles from  each other. These are namely Adi galong , Adi Minyong , Pasi,  Pudam, Bori, and Boker. A very interesting enroute visit a hanging bridge on the Siang river which the local tribes have constructed from cane and bamboo. We spend our night at a comfortable hotel.

Day 4 : In Along
Leaving Along in the morning we trek to the interesting village of Komsing where David Nelson the explorer was killed. It is a pleasant 3 hour walk through forests and fields. You have two options here. You can either choose to visit a few more Adi Galong tribal villages around or return to Along to visit the local emporium.
In the evening you get to see a traditional Adi galong tribal dance

Day 5 : Along to Domporijo – 160 Kms – 6 Hours.
Domporijo is  the head quarters  of the upper Subansari district  of Arunachal and inhabited by people of the Tagin tribe whose features strikingly resemble those of the Chinese. We explore the town and the quaint village of the Tagin getting memorable glimpses of these simple folks' lifestyle.

Day 6 : Domporijo to Ziro -190km -  7 hr drive - 1560m
Today this seven hour drive goes through typical Arunachali landscape – thick forests, glistening rivers and wooded hills. One the way we visit the villages of the Hill Mari and Nishing tribes. On reaching the small town of Ziro we check into a comfortable hotel. For the night.

Day 7 : In Ziro
Ziro is the head quarters of  Arunachal's lower Subansari district. Its  plateau is surrounded by villages of the Apatani tribe. It is here that the largest and most organised tribal village in Asia – Hong – is located. We visit this neat little village and meet with the tribals. You can also notice that a majority of the women have tattoos and ear plugs which the other tribes do not. These hardy, people grow paddy and also indulge in fishing- both these foods making up their staple diet.
If you're travelling here in the month of August you can taste the delicious Tarian fish along with steaming hot rice. We visit the local museum and the emporium besides strolling along the village market. Return to your hotel for the night. fish cum paddy

Day 8 : Ziro to Lakhibali – 200 Kms – 6 hour drive
Today's drive too goes along the verdant, lush green countryside so typical of Arunachal to the small hamlet of Lakhibali – a six hour drive. Check into a comfortable guest house or hotel for the night.

Day 9 : In Lakhibali
The day is spent exploring ancient archaeological digs and getting some idea as to the ancient past of the local people. Return to your hotel by evening. 

Day 10 : Lakhibali – Itanagar – 270 Kms – 7 hours drive
Itanagar is the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh and is surprisingly quite modern with almost all amenities and services. The new city was built quite close to a ruined city and what was once the 14 th century capital of Arunachal. This medieval city comprised of two brick built ramparts which are the only reminders that there was once a city here.

Day 11 : Itanagar to Kaziranga national park - 250km – 6 hour drive
Leaving in the morning after a hearty breakfast we drive towards the famous and wildlife rich Kaziranga National Park . We check into the forest lodge or hotel. Overnight.

Day 12 : In Kaziranga National Park
In the morning we are taken on an  Elephant ride through this fascinating park to view the animals and birds that have found safe haven here. In the afternoon we take a Jeep Safari and chances are you'll get to see the one horned Rhinoceros and the Indian Bison besides a variety of other animal species. In the evening we return to our lodge / hotel.

Day 13 : Kaziranga - Mon  -  In Nagaland – 260 Kms – 7 hour drive
Today the drive takes us east into the neighbouring state of Nagaland.
The vegetation is similar and on the way we stop over to briefly visit the Waching village of the Konyak tribe. Check into a rest house for the night.

Day 14 : Explore Konyak Tribal Villages
We visit the Longmean village belonging to the Konyak tribe. There are 32 different types of tribes in the state and the Konyak are a prominent one. Predominantly a martial tribe feared for their headhunting skills today they raise crops. There is a skull made out of steel a reminder of the days when headhunting was quite a craze in these hills. We also visit the Sungyu village where you can see the amazing sight of a wood carving on a single tree trunk 8 ft high and 12 ft long. We return to our rest house by late evening.

Day 15 : Mon: Longwa Village – Mon
This interesting village is easily accessed both from Myanmar and Arunachal we by pass it to reach Mon by afternoon. Check into a Guest house for the last night of our journey.

Day 16 :  Mon To Dibrughar  - 240km - 6 hour drive.
We drive into neighbouring Assam state and check into a hotel in the town of Dibrugarh . The next day you are transferred to the airport to catch your flight to Kolkata and to your further destination. 

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